Major Transport Incidents

Most of us rely on some form of transport, whether it is getting to and from work, carrying out important journeys or to receive essential services.  Therefore, when a disruption to transport occurs the consequences are far reaching and can even endanger life.  

Disruption can be the result of:

  • Accidents
  • Severe weather
  • Structural damage to transport infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels
  • Industrial action

Possible Consequences:

  • Delayed or cancelled transport services
  • People stranded, both in vehicles or at transport hubs
  • Risk to life
  • Serious knock on effects on diversionary routes and local transport networks
  • Unable to get to work, school or important appointments
  • Businesses/services adversely affected through delayed or failed deliveries
  • Environmental impacts if hazardous materials are spilled into the local environment

What are we doing in Gwent?

  • Develop and exercise multi agency plans to manage the consequences of transport incidents and disruption
  • All relevant highways agencies work together to where possible keep all major roads accessible during times of disruption
  • Work with national, regional and local transport companies to look after people affected by transport incidents
  • Provide information to the public during disruptions
  • Monitor weather forecasts to make sure we are prepared to deal with potential weather related disruptions

What can you do?

  • Before setting off on your journey, check to see if there are any disruptions and make alternative arrangements if necessary. Avoid unnecessary journeys in adverse weather
  • Have an emergency kit in your car or basic items when you travel. You may not be involved directly in the incident but the disruption could last for hours
  • When driving, abide by the rules of the road, adhere to speed limits and drive safely. Make yourself familiar with public transport emergency procedures
  • Make sure that your vehicle is kept in a roadworthy and safe condition

Plan ahead and stay upto date with current information

Brynglas Tunnels Delays

The Brynglas Tunnels, which were opened in May 1967, remains a bottleneck on the M4 motorway.  There are plans in place for the event of any incident in the tunnels, but any incident will cause severe disruption in the area.