Community Risk Register

The National Risk Register provides an updated government assessment of the likelihood and potential impact of a range of different malicious and non-malicious national security risks (including natural hazards, industrial accidents, malicious attacks, and others) that may directly affect the UK and its interests over the next two years.

In addition to providing information on how the UK Government and local responders manage these emergencies, the National Risk Register also signposts advice and guidance on what members of the public can do to prepare for these events. Further information can be found via the links included in the document - National Risk Register,

As well as using the National Risk Register, the public can also find information about risks to their local area through their Community Risk Register.

What is a Community Risk Register?

All Local Resilience Forums across the UK have a legal duty to produce and publish a Community Risk Register.  The Gwent LRF Community Risk Register is the result of a process carried out by the multi-agency partners within the Gwent LRF - Risk Assessment Working Group in assessing the likelihood and impacts of a range of hazards that have the potential to cause significant disruption to the residents, communities, and environment of Gwent.  These hazards can take many forms and, as we have witnessed with the coronavirus pandemic, can originate internationally, nationally, or locally.

How is the Gwent Community Risk Register Created?

In addition to assessing hazards, the Gwent LRF also assess the consequences of possible threats caused by malicious incidents.  However, the sensitivity of the information supporting these assessments means that specific details will not be made available in the public domain.

The results of these risk assessments are used to inform our level of preparedness for responding to the consequences of the identified hazards and threats and assist the Gwent LRF in prioritising ways of reducing the risks where possible. This can include the production of effective multi- agency plans and procedures and joint agency training and exercising.  This Community Risk Register forms just one aspect of the
partnership’s work in preparing for emergencies and sharing information to increase the overall resilience of the Gwent area.

The current Gwent Local Resilience Forum Community Risk Register is available for download.

If you have any queries regarding the Gwent LRF Community Risk Register, please contact the Gwent LRF Coordinator: [email protected]