Wales Resilience

Under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, the United Kingdom Government and the Welsh Government formed a concordat which established an agreed framework for co-operation between the two Governments. The co-operation between both parties is fundamental to emergency preparedness and will see both parties working closely together.

In Wales, the Welsh Government provides the co-ordination, and the Wales Resilience Forum brings together local responders and United Kingdom government bodies.

The United Kingdom Government works with the Welsh Government to ensure that it is kept informed and copied in to all information which will assist it in carrying out its responsibilities under the Act.

Wales Resilience Forum

The aim of the Wales Resilience Forum is to promote good communication and enhance resilience across agencies and services in Wales. This is done by providing a forum for Chief Officers to discuss with Welsh Ministers strategic issues of emergency preparedness.

The group is in place to:

  • To create a forum for strategic guidance on resilience issues affecting Wales.
  • To consider United Kingdom Government / Wales Government policy guidance and to advise on the implementation in Wales where appropriate.
  • To facilitate mutual aid arrangements and joined up working.
  • To provide direction and strategic leadership to the Wales Resilience Partnership Team and its sub-groups.
  • To map resilience at the pan-Wales level, identify gaps and facilitate preparedness activity.
  • To raise, consider and discuss issues of resilience in Wales with the United Kingdom Government.
  • To support cross-boundary working and information sharing.

Local Resilience Forums

As well as the Wales Resilience Forum, each area of Wales has its own forum. These Local Resilience Forums are broken down into:

The LRFs are supported by co-ordinating groups, sub-groups or task and finish groups that have been established to develop various capabilities or set specific targets in strengthening local resilience through multi-agency collaboration.

Pan-Wales Response Plan

The Pan-Wales Response Plan provides a framework for the management of a major emergency affecting several or all areas of Wales. The strategic framework for capability development in Wales is set out in the Wales Resilience Forum business plan, which is produced on an annual basis. The primary objective of the business plan is to identify clearly the relationship between planning for emergencies at the local, Wales and United Kingdom levels and to co-ordinate this work. The business plan ensures that co-ordination work at the pan-Wales level adds value to work being undertaken at other levels. At the core of the plan is a Wales Resilience Partnership Team, established to co-ordinate civil protection work in Wales.