Malicious Threats

Although the likelihood of malicious attacks taking place is rare, the issue of deliberate attempts to disrupt our way of life is regularly in the news.

Malicious threats are those groups of risks which include actions such as terrorism and organised crime and are collected into themes such as attacks on crowded places; attacks on transport and critical infrastructure; and cyber-attacks.

Possible Consequences

  • Fatalities and physical/psychological casualties
  • Damage to property and infrastructure
  • Disruption to critical infrastructure and essential services and additional pressures on responding
  • Evacuation and shelter of those in the affected area
  • Disruption to the national and local economy
  • Loss of personal or corporate information
  • Long term restoration and recovery issues for those

What can you do?

  • Responding organisations work very hard to keep us safe from malicious threats. Part of this work is to
    produce essential information outlining the role individuals can take in responding to a malicious attack or threat.
  • While the chances of being caught up in a terrorist incident remains rare, it is important to be prepared and know how to protect yourself.  Make yourself familiar with available advice and guidance and keep abreast of current public campaigns
  • As members of the public and business are often targeted by a variety of cyber-attacks, such as scam emails and identity theft, it is important that you know what steps you can take to protect yourself.

What are we doing in Gwent?

  • Assess the risk and local consequences of malicious threats in line with UK and Welsh Government
  • Develop and exercise multi-agency plans to ensure an effective response to and manage the
    consequences of malicious attacks
  • Deliver the Government’s counter terrorism strategy (CONTEST) locally
  • Communicating advice to the public and businesses, and support government awareness campaigns
  • Encourage all LRF organisations to review and demonstrate that where possible they have
    responsible cyber resilience strategies

PROTECT UK - NaCTSO, CPNI and partners provide terrorism security and emergency preparedness advice to businesses and the public.  Multi-layering the different measures will provide the best mitigation from an attack.