Kids Section

While you can’t prepare your children for every little thing in the world, you can help to educate and prepare them for the future by teaching them at a young age. This section of Gwent Prepared is aimed at educating your children in a fun way, which will see them learning about the risks faced in Gwent so that they know how to deal with an emergency and how to stay safe. Burt is here to guide the children through and help them understand the risks that they could face.

We’ve included different activities such as word searches for them to learn while having fun, as well as links to child-friendly websites where they can learn even more.

Get your Child Involved

The best way to get your child involved is to get them interested in learning with activities and games. This could be in the form of getting your child to put together an activity survival kit of their favourite items. This could either be in the form of a bag that is kept for safekeeping under a bed for example, or you could have a rainy day box which is kept filled up with activities that can be done inside if you have to stay in the house, or activities that you can take with you if you are evacuated.

The children's kit could include items such as;

  • Books.
  • Crayons, pencils and paper.
  • Action figures or dolls.
  • A pack of cards.
  • Boardgames / puzzles.
  • Soft toy.

You could also get your child interested by getting them to help you make your household emergency kit so that they feel involved in the household emergency planning.

Website Fun

Our friends at Essex County Council and the emergency responders in their area have created the website ‘What If…?’ which is a useful and fun resource for educating children with the characters Ben and Molly, via the likes of games, books and puzzles, which see the characters learning about risks such as flooding and sees them learning what to put in an emergency kit and what to do if flooding happens.

Here are some more fun websites that we at Gwent Prepared like for learning. They are great sites to visit to learn more about the risks we could face;