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Wide-scale emergencies can and do happen.  Over the last number of years, we have seen events such as heavy snow, flooding, utilities failures and terrorist attacks.

The lessons learned from these and other emergencies showed that those communities which were prepared for emergency events were better equipped to deal with the impacts.

Community resilience measures can be as little as designating a point of contact within the community to receive warnings and messages from Emergency Services, Natural Resources Wales and Local Authorities, to working together to develop a ‘Community Resilience Plan’.

Why have a Community Resilience Plan?

The purpose of community resilience is to encourage people to plan and be prepared to put in place a self-help response within a community which is affected by an emergency.  Experience has shown that sometimes due to the scale and/or nature of the emergency, the normal response provided by the emergency services and the local authorities can be delayed.  On these occasions anything which the local community can do to support each other will help them to.

Where to Get More Information?

Please contact your community council, local authority emergency planning/civil contingencies section to get more information and get involved.  You can also ask about the good neighbour schemes operating in your area and/or how you can volunteer to help the communities.