Flooding is one of the very highest and most regularly occurring risks in the Gwent area, and there are thousands of homes and businesses right across the region that could be affected.  Flooding can originate from different sources, including rivers, coastal and surface water. 

It is predicated that over the coming years, rising sea temperatures and an increase in the frequency and severity of extreme weather events are likely to raise the risk of flooding in the UK.

Possible Consequences:

  • Flooding of homes and businesses
  • Risk to life, people and animals
  • Damage to property, businesses, agricultural land, roads, services and infrastructure
  • Evacuation and/or isolation of residents
  • Disruption of utilities and transport
  • Pollution and contamination of the local environment
  • Long term restoration and recovery issues for those affected

What are we doing in Gwent?

  • Maintain, test and exercise multi agency and individual organisation plans for responding to flooding events
  • Flood monitoring, forecasting, issuing of flood warnings and altering the public as early as possible when there is a risk of flooding
  • Identify what areas could be affected by flood water and who is at risk
  • Strategic planning to protect areas most at risk and minimise disruption
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of culverts and gullies
  • Provide advice and guidance to homes and businesses about flooding

What can you do?

  • Find out if you live or work within a flood risk area and where available sign up to receive free flood warnings
  • Keep up to date with the weather forecast and weather warnings
  • Think about how you would protect your property during a flood and have adequate insurance
  • Do not enter flood water unless instructed to do so by the emergency services. Flood water can be extremely dangerous and can hide hazards
  • Prepare a Home Emergency or Personal Flood Plan
  • Identify neighbours, vulnerable relatives or friends who may need assistance, check if there is a community flood group in your area

There is a variety of free to use tools and information available to help you stay informed and protect yourself, family, property and businesses.  These include the Natural Resources Wales whose website includes general flooding advice; what flood warnings are in force and how to sign up to receive flood warnings; and the National Flood Forum who are a charity that offers help, support and represents people at risk of flooding.