What We Do

Our strategic aim is to:

‘To establish and maintain effective multi-agency arrangements to respond to major emergencies, to minimise the impact of those emergencies on the public, property and environment of the Gwent Police area, and to satisfy fully the requirements of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004.’

All agencies work together to make sure that the best possible preparations and plans are in place to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from major emergencies which may have a significant impact on the communities in the Gwent Police Area.  These are tested regularly and updated so that agencies can respond effectively and in a timely manner.

Why We Exist

Set up as a requirement of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, Local Resilience Forums (LRF) are the principal mechanism for multiagency collaboration to ensure the effective delivery of the duties identified in the act.

These duties being;

  • Assess the risk of emergencies occurring and use this to inform contingency planning;
  • Put in place emergency plans;
  • Put in place Business Continuity Management arrangements;
  • Put in place arrangements to make information available to the public about civil protection matters and maintain arrangements to warn, inform and advise the public in the event of an emergency;
  • Share information with other local responders to enhance coordination;
  • Co-operate with other local responders to enhance coordination and efficiency; and
  • Provide advice and assistance to businesses and voluntary organisations about business continuity management (local authorities only).

Although the LRF is not a statutory body, it is a statutory process.