Flood Plan

If you live in an area known for flooding, having a flood plan in place for not only your home, but your community could be of a huge help with heavy rain is forecast. Effective communication is vital during an incident such as flooding. Working together as a community or group to complete a plan will help you respond quicker if flooding happens. Deciding on the practical actions to take in advance could make a significant difference.

Within a community, knowing where the risks are, know exactly who can help and how, and allocating roles is a huge advantage to help ensure all aspects are covered. Roles can include;

  • Monitoring water levels hourly after river levels start to increase.
  • Helping vulnerable people move their possessions.
  • Calling emergency services.

As part of your flood planning, Natural Resources Wales recommend you think about who you can ask for assistance before, during and after a flood. You could contact your local council as many have lists of vulnerable people who might need extra support in a flood or an emergency situation. If the Floodline Warnings Direct service is available in your area, Natural Resources Wales can also deliver flood warnings for your property to a relative or friend so that they know when you may need help.

Personal Flood Plan

A personalised flood plan should include details such as;

  • Contacts for gas, electric, water and telephone etc.
  • Service cut-offs for electricity, gas and water.
  • A list of who can help you and their contact details.
  • Documents such as your insurance.
  • Details about what possessions you’re going to move and where.
  • Details about your flood protection.
  • Where you will go if you are evacuated.
  • Identify what you would have to take with you if you have to leave and have it prepared if you can.