The Gwent Local Resilience Forum is fortunate to have dedicated Voluntary Organisations who play a vital role preparing for and responding to emergencies by supporting the Statutory Agencies.

The voluntary assistance given by these groups can range from tasks such as making a cup of tea for a victim or offering a shoulder to cry on, and progress to, what might be considered as, more technical skills such as Mountain Rescue Teams, First Aid responders, communications equipment, backup systems and operators etc.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been agreed by the volunteer groups that work with the Gwent Local Resilience Forum member organisations / agencies.

Links to Voluntary Sector Websites

GAVO - Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisation

British Red Cross



Salvation Army


Severn Area Rescue Association

Victim Support

Royal Voluntary Service

St John Ambulance

Torfaen Voluntary Alliance