Flood Protection

photo of a street damaged by flooding

If you're given advance warning and there's time before flooding occurs, fit any flood protection products you might have. If you have been flooded before, you are likely to be prepared and have at least some of these products;

  • Sandbags – Sandbags can be used to create a dam in front of doorways and, when put in a toilet bowl, can prevent sewage entering your home. Bin bags filled with soil are an alternative option.
  • Flood boards - Flood boards, made of plastic or metal, can be installed across a doorway or window before a flood arrives. The boards usually slide into a frame that has been pre-attached to the door or window frame to provide a watertight seal from flood waters.
  • Plastic covers to seal airbricks - A plastic cover clips to frames fitted around airbricks on exterior walls, preventing water entry via this route.
  • Flood skirts - This is a more advanced system of flood protection, which totally encloses the bottom 2 - 3 feet of a property in water-resistant sheeting, sometimes to foundation level.
  • Toilet bungs – The bung is designed to fit into the U bend of a toilet to prevent sewage backflow. These are only needed for downstairs toilets.

What to do after Flooding

Every year flood damage costs millions of pounds, disrupting lives in its path. It can take a long time before you can get your life back to normal following a flood but there are steps to take in the aftermath.

  • Once you find out if it is safe to return to your property, take care as there may be hidden dangers in the flood water like sharp objects, raised drain covers and pollution.
  • Check structural damage to buildings.
  • Flood water can contain sewage, chemicals and animal waste, so remember personal safety.
  • Inform your insurance providers as soon as possible.
  • Throw away all foods, including canned goods, which have come into contact with the flood water.

Who can help?

If you are struggling after flooding, remember there are organisations out there who can help;