Welcome to the New Gwent Prepared Website

Published: 02.07.2013

Welcome to the new and improved Gwent Prepared website, the home to the Gwent Local Resilience Forum. Established in October 2004 as a requirement of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, the Gwent Local Resilience Forum sits at the head of Gwent’s local civil protection arrangements.

On this new website you will find the local risk register for the Gwent area of Wales, information about risks that could affect the Gwent area and how you can be prepared for what could happen in your area. The site offers advice on protecting your home from incidents such as flooding, and protecting your business against cyber-crime, as well advice on how you could get involved in your community with community resilience to help the emergency services if an incident does happen.

The site also offers the full structure of those who are involved in the Gwent Local Resilience Forum to plan and prepare for incidents in the area.

The new site allows you to move through the various areas with ease to find out all the information you need to know to be prepared if the worse was to happen.