Major Transport Accidents

Just as fuel shortages and disruptions to the infrastructure can affect everyday life, so can major transport accidents. Transport is relied upon by the majority of people in some form on a daily basis. Transport accidents occur across Wales on a frequent basis and there are well practiced plans and procedures in place to deal with these at local and regional levels. Major transport accidents can put a serious strain on the emergency services.

Transport emergencies can be the result of accidents, but also disruption caused by severe weather such as snow or flooding. Disruptions from weather can be serious if people are trapped in their cars as the temperatures drop or rise.

Transport accidents can come at many levels and can cause major disruptions and delays to individuals and businesses. In the event of an incident members of the public are advised, where possible, to stay away from affected areas and check for up to date information from local media sources.

What can you do?

  • Have an emergency kit with you in case you are delayed.
  • When driving, follow the rules of the road, driving safely, adhering to speed limits and not using your phone.
  • Ensure your car is kept roadworthy and in a safe condition.
  • During severe weather, avoid non-essential journeys if you can.

Transport Network Risks

The major risks that the transport network faces are severe weather, flooding, power outages, reduced fuel supplies and volcanic ash. To maintain essential services, transport operators have:

  • Stockpiled emergency supplies.
  • Adapted a multi agency approach to planning.
  • Sought expert advice.
  • Invested in technical solutions.

Brynglas Tunnels Delays

The Brynglas Tunnels, which were opened in May 1967, remains a bottleneck on the motorway. Partly due to regular tailbacks at the tunnels, a variable speed limit is in place between junctions 24 and 28. There are plans in place for the event of any incident in the tunnels, but any incident will cause severe disruption in the area.

Stay Up to Date

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