Choosing Passwords

Passwords are the key to our online life. Whether for shopping, banking, social networking, pay, sending emails or many other tasks we do on the internet. Our passwords help protect our identity and personal and financial information. For your passwords to be effective they must be kept secret but also not be able to be easily guessed.

Choosing the Best Passwords

• Choose a password with a combination of lowercase and capital letters, numbers and symbols such as @ # $% keyboard ^ & * () _ +.

• Choose a password that is at least 8 characters long. However, longer passwords are harder for criminals to guess or remember.


Do not use the following passwords:

• Your user name, your name or the name of your business.

• Names of family members or pets.

• Your birthday you or birthdays of your family.

• Words that are easily solved with a little background information.

• The word 'password' / 'password'.

• sequence of numbers.

• A common word in the dictionary; could be resolved by common hacking programs.